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friends only [22 Aug 2020|06:09pm]

comment to be added!

criteria: there isnt much. just that:

you actually read and care about my life, and comment from time to time.
thats important to me, so don't just add me to make your friends list bigger.
if you don't care...please don't comment.
if i do add you and you never comment, i'll delete you! (with warning)

you type reasonably legibly.

we share similar interests or values or something along those lines.

(theres more about me in my userinfo, please read it for appropriate freak-age warnings)
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[05 Feb 2006|01:08pm]
i fixed this lj (thank you death_2_hilary, but i'm still using sky_bluepink

add me up!
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new journal! [19 Jan 2006|02:01am]

alrighty, heres how it goes. if you are sincerely interested in whats going on with me right now, i invite you to add me and i'll by all means add you back. if you haven't really commented much on this journal and don't really care, nows your opportunity to stop reading, no offense taken by me. i realize i have lots of friends i hardly even talk to. however, if you don't comment much but you're still interested, i invite you to add me as well!

i regret having to make a new username, i like this one so much : ( but time for a new start.

see you there!

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[06 Jan 2006|04:18am]
fuck you high school administration.

fuck you for making all my amazing friends feel worthless and stupid.

fuck you for thinking that intelligence can be measured by numbers. maybe how academically adept you are at learning things you dont even need to know, but never how wise. i bet you'd fail your PSATs, but then again, you're above all that, arent you?

if we're supposed to be persuing our dreams then stop crushing them.

today alone i've had two good friends (i'm not saying who) feel so discouraged and worthless and miserable, when they shouldnt, because both are incredibly talented people who could live a happy life. you only get one life anyways (as far as i know). just because they have a hard time with a class that you, administration, would fail? that you haven't had to think about for 30 years because you have your safe certificates hanging on the walls? pieces of paper. thats all a diploma is anyways.

so live for your dreams. with enough of a fight, you can't be held back.
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please do it ? [26 Nov 2005|07:04pm]
1. one secret.
2. one compliment.
3. one random thing
4. one love note.
5. lyrics to a song.
6. how old you are.
7. how long we've been friends.
8. a hint to whom you are
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early post [18 Nov 2005|03:45am]

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more promo for my community [12 Nov 2005|11:07am]

[lj comm="girl_not_barbie">

if you've already joined, post! we need to be more active!
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sorry! [08 Nov 2005|03:41pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]


my computer started mysteriously smoking on friday...after a long time of frusteration i have a desktop computer set up on the floor so i can now finally do my english homework and everything.

i just wanted to clear that up!


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PUNK CABARET IS FREEDOM [29 Oct 2005|11:23pm]
[ mood | content ]

with his pretty coin operated voiceCollapse )

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[22 Oct 2005|09:23am]
[ mood | halloweeeen ]

my uncle is visiting today so i'm going to see him at my grandparents soon. also apparently my grandma decided that we're celebrating my counsins birthdays, but my aunt didnt bake a cake and nobody knew about this. especially because cody and bryce are at soccer all day anyway o_O. i can't see james today, so i think he's kind of down... : ( his grandma couldnt bring us to the movies and my mom doesnt want to because she's going to be too tired.

yesterday i got 3 books from the school library, one on mimes and such, one on the circus, and one of poetry. i think i want to join the circus.
i made a ton of copies yesterday so i could hang the pictures on my wall.

ooh, i really hope i can go see dresden dolls next saturday!!

sorry for so many pictures x_o

i also discovered edith piaf.

seems like my renewed obsession is based in the 30s or so.

now how do i do this without being a "goth"?

james is coming over after school to make halloween dummies. my favorite holiday is oh so soon! thats all for now of my rambling.

i think i might make a new layout...

quiz stolen from radiationhighCollapse )

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help me go to paris! [18 Sep 2005|09:51am]
i'll be selling things from time to time to fund my trip to france (hopefully). i'll link this around to a few sites, or post on different communities, so i'll update if anything is purchased!

plaid dressCollapse )

striped jeansCollapse )

black capri-shortsCollapse )

i'll probably have more stuff up here soon! thanks for looking ♥
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[11 Sep 2005|12:23pm]

take a moment to focus on the catastrophic effects of september 11.

take a moment to think about what it would be like for that sort of disaster to happen daily in our country.

why aren't we helping everyone else?
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[02 Sep 2005|03:02pm]
well, i just heard something shocking.

the death toll from hurricane katrina (no not me.) is likely to be more than 9/11, which is still remembered often, we even have a war about it when that couldve been a step towards alliances and peace. but relief hasnt come as quickly because the people who couldnt afford to get out of new orleans are mostly poor minority groups. gangs are rising to power, people are looting homes, there are rapes and suicides in shelters, and these people just need food, we need to be down there building shelters, repairing the high schools and community centers that have been acting as homes for people. september eleventh killed many rich white people. of course its a tragedy, many people died, of all races and economic status, but the bottom line is, the world trade center was a highly productive corperate building. now these people's city is being ripped apart and only now are they getting aid. many more people will probably get shot by the military, which is coming in to "keep the peace." most people who actively contribute to america's economic state, or relatively well off, could afford to drive away, take a plane away, but its the people who barely had a home and food and clothes on their back who had everything torn away from them. theyre starving, and people are still dying from the aftermath...its horrible.

whatever we claim to be, this country is racist and nobody seems to even be doing anything about it.

makes me want to get on a plane and go down to new orleans.
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[23 Aug 2005|06:41pm]


i made a new community : )

and i'm looking for members!

oh and also, if anyone could help me make a header for my layout or give me the code?
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3rd entry today! sorry >. [19 Aug 2005|07:11pm]
[ mood | still sick... ]

i just noticed the time is 7:11. nifty.

my moms making me eggs for dinner, all i've had to eat today was a scoop of sorbet and i've been up since 6 x_x

but i'm going to watch queer eye later...+ try to stay up until james gets back from the mall. i hope i'm feeling better by tomorrow T_T

i finished necklace of kisses. go read it now! its great great great. but unfortunately i'm now bored again. *sigh*

grr, i dont want to be sick anymore, i wanted to go to the mall with james and go to the movies...but theres no way my mom would've let me out of the house.

at least tonight i'm allowed to stay up until i'm tired, so i can actually sleep. gah, being sick in the summer sucks royally.

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[19 Aug 2005|10:56am]
just got back from the doctorrrr.

i probably just have a summer virus. if it doesnt get better by monday though, i have to get blood tests for mono or lyme, but its pretty unlikely that that will happen.

i want to go see puffy amiyumi on the 23rd! i don't think i'm going to be able to though.

my mom is at the grocery store and she said on the way back she would stop by the library and pick up necklace of kisses for me! i'm excited :) except i can't seem to find this bag of FLB books i got from the library...eep x_x
shes such an excellent author. everyone go read dangerous angels right now! now!

i have to admit i'm kind of looking forward to school. mainly just seeing people i haven't seen all summer, but it will be good to have more people and not quite so much drama. i don't really want to actually have to do any work though...XD

i should probably go eat something, i havent had anything yet today and i woke up at 6...but nothing really appeals :\

my fingers have been pretty dead, sorry if there are typos and a lot of smiley faces! and too many entries for a day! (i'm insanely bored)

i'm either not allowed out of the house all weekend to get better or we're going to the county fair tomorrow. i guess we'll see?

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i'm ubersick. [19 Aug 2005|07:05am]
[ mood | sick ]

103 temperature dropped down to 102.2...but still. and i still hurt all over but not as much, the only pain relief we had was childrens motrin so i don't think it was really that strong...i tried to take a nap at 8, when my mom said that she didnt want me getting out of bed. i had figured i'd sleep for an hour and then do my usual routine (up until 12 at the earliest) but noo. and nobody's online and i'm not supposed to be on the computer anyways. last night at like, 1 i started shaking uncontrollably for about an hour, finally i fell asleep for like half an hour and it stopped, at that point my fever was 100.1 and my throat was really dry. and we're not going to the counsilor today afterall, but instead the doctor! -_- i'd rather go to counsiling. i really hope its just a virus or something... x_x

well, i'm out!

♥ to everyone!

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[18 Aug 2005|07:26pm]
ugh, i've been feeling really really sick for the last two days. i ache all over and i keep getting these horrible headaches, and i have no idea why. i was at james's today, he took such good care of me ;_; i love you! we went out to dinner with our neighbor, i feel like i just need to go lie down for a bit and hope i feel better in the morning. i hope i dont have lyme? o_o;; its probably just the flu or something...hope it blows over soon.

(sorry for all the depressing posts lately! i've been a bit dramatic i guess...)

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[17 Aug 2005|07:49pm]
i'm cleaning my room
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[17 Aug 2005|01:00pm]
[ mood | better ]

i just got back from walking all over wickford.

i got cute hairclips! and grapefruit mentos, yumm. they are old and stale though. but on the way home, i was so happy for a certain reason...

this girl who lives down the street from me, she used to babysit me when i was really little. she went off to college a few years ago, and we didn't see too much of her anymore. her mom would occasionally stop to talk with my mom, and we found out she had all sorts of alcohol problems. for a while she spent about a month in bed at her moms recovering, and then left for school, got a new apartment and changed her cell phone number & didn't give it to her mom. so we had all kind of assumed she had gone back to drinking etc, and that i probably wouldn't see her again. so on my way back home, i see a girl and a boy sitting on her front steps smoking, and i'm walking by when she's like, "are you katrina?" and i say yes, and i realize its her, and she wants to know all about how i've been and who the red haired boy she's seen me with is and everything! so she's home and speaking to her mom again, shes back until january and she's working at a resteraunt in north kingstown. : )

as for myself, i'm doing a little better, but my specials record is scratched and messed up and won't play properly! and i really wanted to listen to it when i got back...and my mom was like "TURN IT OFF THATS A HORRIBLE SOUND" T_T i suppose thats small compared to everything else but its dissapointing XP

i'm going over to meet these two little girls who i'm going to babysit. i think they're malaysian or something similar. they like to dress up like faeries : )

while i'm there, my mom is going to visit my grandparents. afterwards, if she's not too tired, we're gonna go to the beach and bring dinner! and james is coming, so that makes me happy of course. ♥

and i'm off to meet the little faerie children!

In the hope I'll forget I'll wait
It's a chance I'll take oh yeah
In the hope I'll forget I'll wait
For the time

In the spring I'll watch my step
While the night-time passes by
When a smile suits me all alone
I'll be fine

There's got to be a better song to sing
Before I hang upon your shoulder
Telling the truth it may be bolder this time
There's got to be a better song to sing
That makes a lonely one less cold oh
Before I hang upon your shoulder and cry

Watching friends playing in the dirt
Feeling hard but feeling hurt
By the sadness that wastes my time
It's a crime

Counting acts which I must add
To collect sad memories
From a past I'd soon forget
Swap or leave

There's got to be a better song to sing
Before I hang upon your shoulder
Telling the truth it may be bolder this time
There's got to be a better song to sing
That makes a lonely one less cold oh

Before I hang upon your shoulder and cry
At the gate I'll wave goodbye
To the friends that were my lies
And I'll see them off at dawn
Feeling wise
Feeling wise
Feeling wise

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